Statement from BC Liberal Finance Critic Shirley Bond on today’s second quarterly report

“The positive numbers in today’s second quarterly report show that British Columbia continues with a track record built as a result of the BC Liberal’s focus on economic growth and job creation.  The report confirms that B.C. continues to lead the country with the fastest employment growth-rates, highest GDP growth and lowest unemployment rates.


“Stable, sustainable economic growth is simply not possible if this government continues to cancel projects, conduct multiple expensive, lengthy reviews and consultations without any sign of an  economic development strategy. 


“Although the NDP inherited a $2.7 billion surplus, they have already managed to dip into British Columbia’s savings and they haven’t even fulfilled most of their major campaign spending promises including $10-a-day daycare and a $400 renter subsidy.


“While today’s economic update reflects the hard work of British Columbians and the fiscal discipline the BC Liberal government, we will be very interested to see how the finance minister plans to balance the first full NDP budget since the election.”