Statement from BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson on the Pattullo Bridge replacement

VANCOUVER (February 16, 2018) – “The Pattullo bridge replacement is good news for commuters in the Lower Mainland, as it is in need of replacement in the very near future.

“The concern for the BC Liberals is the fact that this government is taking on the more than $1.3 billion dollar cost of this project, leaving the rest of the province wondering what other projects are now going to be cancelled in order to pay for this.

“The lack of federal support for this project is a very telling sign about the current state of affairs between the NDP and the Canadian government.  There is no regional or federal buy-in for this bridge and it sets a very expensive precedent for large-scale projects. Paying for an entire bridge without any help looks to us like a distraction tactic to take attention away from the NDP’s inept handling of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

“It’s important to note that the NDP have yet to introduce any of their expensive campaign promises. By haphazardly spending more than a billion dollars when they probably could have received some help from Ottawa shows another level of the incompetence of the Horgan government when it comes to B.C.’s relationship with Canada.”