Statement from North Vancouver- Seymour MLA Jane Thornthwaite on updated opioid death statistics

North Vancouver- Seymour MLA and Opposition critic Jane Thornthwaite issued the following statement on the updated opioid deaths in B.C.

“The release of overdose statistics for 2017 are a tragic reminder of the staggering effects of the epidemic of opioid deaths and that the crisis is ongoing.”

“It is essential all parties work together to ensure all levels of government are taking appropriate and effective action on the crisis. We will support measures that lessen the effects of this crisis.”

“The current government made a number of promises regarding the opioid crisis, and we now need to see the needed resources provided. As the crisis continues to escalate, we need to ensure that the proper work in prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and recovery is being done to ensure the crisis is mitigated and we can start to lessen the number of tragic deaths.”