Wilkinson calls on NDP to provide temporary relief at the pumps for British Columbians

VICTORIA (May 16, 2018) – As gas prices soar to all-time highs heading into the long weekend, Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Wilkinson is calling on the NDP government to provide temporary provincial fuel tax relief.

“It’s very clear British Columbians are the ones paying for Horgan’s political games and his government’s hefty tax grabs,” says Wilkinson. “The least he could do for families is give them a break at the gas pumps so they can enjoy their well-deserved holidays this year.”

Gas prices have gone up more than 32 cents per litre – a 24 per cent increase – since last May long weekend and are currently the highest in the country. The NDP’s non-revenue neutral carbon tax increase from earlier this spring makes up a good portion of the extra dollars British Columbians are paying in fuel charges.

“By temporarily reducing the Provincial Motor Fuel Tax and the Carbon Tax on gas and diesel, people who are heading off on the traditional B.C. summer road trip with their families can save some money,” says Wilkinson. “It’s no coincidence that costs are going up while the NDP make one bad decision after another, like blocking a pipeline that has been approved and is going ahead with or without them. Hard-working people in this province pay enough as it is, it’s time for the Premier to show some leadership and provide a little help.”