B.C.’s social workers praised in Legislature

March 9-16, 2014 has been proclaimed Social Work Week in B.C.

Government MLA Gordon Hogg (Surrey-White Rock) praised the dedication and work of British Columbia social workers in this statement in the Legislature.

His statement appears below:

“While we recognize them this week, we appreciate their work each day of the year. Social workers travel with police officers to save abused and neglected children. They support individuals and families in all stages of life, and they console families after deaths. Social workers recently drove through a snowstorm in northern B.C. to save abandoned children.

“They are often faced with the most difficult of decisions — decisions that will have a lifelong impact on the individuals and the families they serve. They make the best decisions possible with the information available, and they can do everything according to the very best of practices and still have a negative outcome. We cannot accurately predict human behaviour.

“Social workers are guided by purpose and are driven by a calling to improve the health and well-being of those they work with. They respect and honour their judgment in making life-altering decisions on behalf of all of us.

“Social workers and clinicians are dedicated advocates for human rights, for an inclusive society and for social justice. Every day they fight discrimination, open doors of access and create opportunities for those in need.

“They strengthen our communities, build relationships and enrich lives. They believe in the dignity and worth of people. They nurture diversity and help to build brighter futures by helping us all to understand the benefits of looking after each other.”

Video source: Hansard

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