AG’s office shares referendum info with BC NDP, not voters

VICTORIA (May 10, 2018) – While British Columbians continue to be kept in the dark about the upcoming rigged referendum on proportional representation, it seems the NDP’s closest supporters already have access to important details about the vote.

An email obtained by the BC Liberals shows the BC NDP has reached out to supporters saying, “… within the next few weeks, [the] Attorney General is expected to make an announcement about …what the question will be, when it will happen and what the rules will be for the campaign.”

“David Eby has already admitted his political staff are managing this dubious process behind the scenes, and now we know they are also shamelessly colluding with the BC NDP Party,” says Chilliwack MLA John Martin. “If the Minister has updated information on the referendum rules, date and ballot question, he needs to share that with British Columbians immediately. The voting public wants to be able to properly prepare for this important vote, which could dramatically change the way MLAs are elected.”

Martin is calling on the Attorney General to table all of the communication that he or his staff have had on electoral reform with members of the BC NDP.


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