B.C. budget misses the mark says Gibson

ABBOTSFORD (February 20, 2019) – BC Liberal MLA Simon Gibson says for all the NDP’s taxing and spending, their latest budget fails to actually address affordability and transportation issues in Abbotsford-Mission.

“The NDP claims this budget focuses on affordability – but this doesn’t seem to translate into anything tangible for Abbotsford-Mission,” says Gibson. “The government’s tax-and-spend agenda is only costing my constituents, who will see little of that money returned to our community.”

Gibson notes the NDP’s 19 new and increased taxes are having real impacts on the day-to-day lives of constituents. Between higher gas taxes and an increased carbon tax, British Columbians are paying more to drive their cars, heat their homes, and purchase goods like groceries that are transported by truck. Local businesses and organizations are also being hit hard, with government charging both MSP and its replacement Employer Health Tax in the same year.

Despite the myriad new taxes, this budget doesn’t include any funds for key local initiatives – like the widening of Highway 1. While the previous BC Liberal government committed to this project, the NDP government quickly abandoned this plan upon taking office.

“For years, Abbotsford and Mission commuters have battled bumper-to-bumper traffic and lengthy travel times along Highway 1,” says Gibson. “Our former government acknowledged the frustration and expense, but it is obvious the NDP doesn’t share these same concerns. With all the taxpayer money this government has raised already, how much more is it going to take to get relief for Fraser Valley residents?”

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