B.C. drivers suffer while U.S. gas stations celebrate

VICTORIA (July 4, 2018) – As Americans celebrate the 4th of the July today, gas stations across the border are also celebrating the boost in business they’re getting from B.C. drivers thanks to the NDP’s relentless tax schemes.

Gas prices continue to soar in British Columbia, sending many local motorists to Washington State for some relief at the pump.

“Given our proximity to the border, a number of my constituents in Surrey-White Rock have told me they’re heading south to purchase gasoline despite the time and effort it takes to get there,” says BC Liberal Finance Critic Tracy Redies. “They want this government to provide some relief, but say that if it isn’t forthcoming they will have no choice but to support the U.S. economy instead of our own.”

BC Liberal Environment Critic Peter Milobar notes the NDP’s high gas prices aren’t just hurting B.C.’s economy— they’re hurting our environment as well.

“Because of the NDP’s constant increases in taxes, many people are choosing to spend hours at a border crossing to save some dollars instead of having that time with their family,” says Milobar. “Although on the flip side, I’m sure the NDP’s high gas prices are keeping many vacationers off our roads because of the expense.”

Redies and Milobar are calling on the NDP government to lower the gas tax and give British Columbians a break from the pain they’re feeling at the pump.

The NDP recently did the opposite by giving the Translink Mayors’ Council the go-ahead to hike the gas tax from 17 per cent to 18.5 per cent by next spring.

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