BC Hydro review highlights Horgan’s clean energy hypocrisy

VICTORIA (July 19, 2019) – The BC Liberal critic for BC Hydro, MLA Greg Kyllo, is calling on John Horgan and the NDP to clarify their position on clean energy producers following the launch of Phase 2 of BC Hydro’s review.

“Earlier this year we saw John Horgan and the NDP launch an assault on clean energy producers with their now-debunked Zapped Report,” said Kyllo. “Now just months later we’re seeing Horgan commission a review that will require greater electrification.”

The second phase of the BC Hydro review aims to meet the needs of the NDP’s haphazard CleanBC plan which only accounts for 75% of BC’s emissions reduction targets for 2030. One of the review’s tasks is to “identify additional opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through fuel-switching, electrification, energy efficiency and conservation.” This ultimately means that British Columbia must upgrade and maintain the existing grid, but those investments have been delayed following John Horgan’s failed attempt to deliver on his promise of a hydro rate freeze.

“John Horgan and the NDP attacked clean energy producers while missing 25% of the energy needed for their CleanBC plan,” added Kyllo. “As more and more British Columbians switch to clean alternatives like electric vehicles, independent clean energy producers will be needed to help meet the increased electrical demand throughout the province.”

February’s Zapped Report, a thoroughly debunked and embarrassing attack on clean energy producers, vastly overstated BC’s surplus of clean energy while failing to consider increased demands through accelerated electrification. Analysis by Clean Energy BC revealed significant errors in all three major conclusions of the NDP-commissioned report.

“Thanks to John Horgan’s flip-flop on Site C, our province has some breathing room as we transition to electric vehicles,” concluded Kyllo. “But today’s announcement shows NDP hypocrisy isn’t going away any time soon. They dismissed Independent Power Producers but now acknowledge the need for more electricity. As electrification accelerates, we risk having to rely on coal power from the United States without added capacity here at home.”

The BC Hydro review is set to be completed in early 2020.

Supplementary: Clean Energy BC on the Zapped Report: https://www.cleanenergybc.org/reports-publications/response-to-davidsons-report

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