BC Liberal Caucus Statement on the anniversary of the Second Narrows Bridge collapse

VANCOUVER (June 17, 2018) – BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberal labour critic MLA John Martin issued the following statement on the anniversary of the Second Narrows Bridge collapse:

“Today marks 60 years since the tragedy at the Second Narrows Bridge that claimed the lives of 19 workers,” said Wilkinson. “On the anniversary of the worst industrial disaster in Vancouver’s history, it is vital we remember those who lost their lives and recognize the importance of workplace safety.

“Ironworkers are part of the thousands of British Columbian tradespeople who help to build our province and make B.C. the best place to live and work in Canada. Protecting their safety is paramount and we believe that everyone deserves to get home safely from work every night,” added Wilkinson.

“We must not only ensure that hard-working British Columbians are safe at work, but that they have jobs to go to and projects to work on to provide for their families,” added BC Liberal Labour critic John Martin. “Our thoughts continue to be with those families whose lives were forever changed on that horrific day, and we must continue to work hard to ensure nothing like this happens again.”

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