BC Liberal Statement on B.C. Court of Appeal Ruling

VANCOUVER (May 24, 2019) – BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and Attorney General Critic Michael Lee released the following statement in response to today’s B.C. Court of Appeal ruling:

“Today’s unanimous decision by the B.C. Court of Appeal has sent a message loud and clear to John Horgan and the NDP: Stop blocking progress.

“While British Columbians spend the summer paying the highest gas prices in North America, John Horgan and David Eby will keep spending tax dollars to file more lawsuits trying to block a federally-approved pipeline that will increase supply and create jobs. The NDP needs to finally start respecting our constitution and listening to the people rather than making up rules to please their activist friends and insiders.

“This is yet another warning that it’s time for John Horgan to end the fight he’s picked with Alberta and the rest of Canada, where he promised to “use every tool in the toolbox” to stop this project. The only toolboxes needed here are the ones the men and women of British Columbia will be using to get to work on this pipeline.

“John Horgan needs to show leadership and stand up to the activists and foreign influencers who want to block economic growth in our province and in our country. Horgan is the only person to blame for this mess and it’s completely up to him to clean it up.”

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