BC Liberal statement on Labour Day in B.C.

VICTORIA (September 02, 2019) – BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and Labour Critic John Martin issued the following statement in recognition of Labour Day, celebrated on September 2nd of this year.

“For families across British Columbia, Labour Day often represents one final weekend of summer before kids return to classrooms for another school year,” says Wilkinson. “It is also important to use this day to celebrate workers’ rights and to honour the legacy of those who fought for the rights that British Columbians enjoy every day.”

John Martin, BC Liberal MLA for Chilliwack, views Labour Day as a time to reflect on British Columbia’s goal of continuously improving labour rights and creating greater economic opportunities.

“We must always strive to create a greater province for our children to live and work in,” says Martin. “Canada stands proudly as one of the global leaders in workplace practices and none of this would be possible without our long history of industrious British Columbians who worked tirelessly to promote greater labour laws, improve workers’ rights, and create safer work environments for all who live and work within our province.”

“The greatest goal of the BC Liberal Caucus is to create opportunity for all of B.C. That’s what British Columbians work to create for their friends and families on a daily basis,” concludes Wilkinson. “On behalf of the entire caucus, we thank you for the remarkable work you do every day to make British Columbia the greatest place to call home.”

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