BC Liberals call for audit of NDP’s Community Benefits Agreement scheme

VICTORIA (November 18, 2019) – BC Liberals took the NDP to task today in a letter to the Auditor General of B.C., calling for a value audit of John Horgan’s dollar-draining Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) framework that has already cost British Columbians over $200 million in project cost overruns.

“John Horgan’s friends and insiders Community Benefits Agreement scheme has cost British Columbians millions of taxpayer dollars as construction costs on major projects continue to skyrocket. Today, we are asking the Auditor General to audit the program so British Columbians can see where their money is going,” said BC Liberal Labour Critic John Martin. “As price overruns inexplicably inflate project costs, it looks like instead of spending this money on schools, hospitals and policing, it’s going straight into the pockets of the NDP’s hand-picked union friends.”

Two examples of projects under this framework are the Illicillewaet and Kicking Horse Canyon highway expansions, which have seen cost overruns of 143 per cent and 33 per cent respectively, costing taxpayers $200 million more than when the projects were first announced by the BC Liberals. The NDP have also estimated that under the CBA scheme, the Pattullo Bridge expansion will cost a minimum of $100 million extra taxpayer dollars.

“What is clear from these cost overruns is that British Columbians are on the hook for far more than this government is fessing up too,” concluded Martin. “With an endless barrage on the pocketbooks of hard-working British Columbians by John Horgan this is just another example of the NDP making life more unaffordable for everyone, including businesses, in this province. British Columbians deserve to have a clear picture as to what this CBA scheme will cost them and I don’t think they will be happy when they find out.”

BELOW: Letter to the Auditor General


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