BC Liberals seek clarity on ICBC road test restarts

VANCOUVER (May 26, 2020) – The BC Liberals are asking John Horgan and the NDP government to provide clarity on when ICBC driver’s license road tests will resume after other provinces have restarted the service.

“As we begin to slowly reopen our economy many people, especially front line workers, are waiting to take the necessary road tests to receive their driver’s licenses,” said MLA Jas Johal, the Official Opposition Critic for ICBC. “Countless British Columbians rely on being able to drive, whether for work, taking elderly family members to medical appointments, or picking up children from school. People are looking for certainty as to when these tests will resume so they can begin planning their lives.”

Other provinces such as Saskatchewan and Manitoba have restarted road tests. Meanwhile, B.C. MLAs are receiving correspondence from constituents on this important matter but are being told by ICBC that they have not decided on when road tests will begin again. BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson penned a letter to Premier Horgan today asking for clarity on the issue.

“This is an important issue for people in our province and ICBC has so far been unable to provide us with any timelines for the resumption of road tests,” added Johal. “The safety of ICBC employees, as well as those needing to take tests, must be made a priority as we follow the lead of other provinces like Saskatchewan and Manitoba that have already resumed road tests. People here in B.C. deserve to know when our province will follow suit.”

On top of failing to provide answers on driver’s licensing, ICBC has also still failed to offer any rebate to British Columbians during the pandemic, which has seen savings from over 50,000 fewer claims than expected.

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