BC NDP Escalating Beef With Alberta

Photography by John Lehmann

LADNER – It seems the BC NDP are intent on escalating the beef with Alberta and are possibly putting even more hard-working B.C. families at risk.

“John Horgan created this trade mess and instead of showing leadership on the issue, it looks like his plan is to make things worse,” says Delta South MLA and BC Liberal Agriculture critic Ian Paton.

Paton’s response comes following yesterday’s threat from Agricultural Minister Lana Popham to ban Alberta beef from British Columbia.

“The wine industry, craft brewers and now the beef industry are all facing painful consequences due to the BC NDP engaging in a trade spat with their NDP friends in Alberta,” says Paton. “The premier needs to put an end to this madness and admit that he’s been wrongly making decisions simply to make the Green Party happy.”

According to the B.C. Cattlemen’s Association, roughly 95 per cent of the calves produced in British Columbia are transported to Alberta for finishing.

“This is a shockingly bad idea and really shows the incompetence of the BC NDP,” says Paton. “The premier’s actions have put one industry under attack and now our wine industry is taking fire? The Agriculture minister should be aware that B.C. beef is mainly processed in Alberta. So her threat simply adds to the growing lose-lose situation we have here, this time for Alberta ranchers and B.C. ranchers.

“The B.C. beef industry contributes massively to our economy, generating $600 million annually and employing almost 9,000 people. Why in the world is Lana Popham trying to use them as a pawn as well? It’s ridiculous. It’s time for Horgan to end this trade war, which started with him and continues putting thousands of British Columbian jobs at risk every day.”

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