BC NDP out of ideas and money, new questions raised about contributions at Convention

VICTORIA (November 24, 2019) – As the BC NDP’s party convention wrapped up on Vancouver Island this weekend, BC Liberal Opposition House Leader Mary Polak noted that after more than two years in power the ideas are gone, and the cupboards are bare.

Speaking to delegates, John Horgan told plenty of jokes but offered no long-term vision for the province, with almost two years left in his government’s minority mandate.

“It’s no joke that seniors and students in Metro Vancouver don’t know how they will get to their next medical appointment or final exam because of the bus strike. It’s no joke that students at the University of Northern British Columbia are locked out of classes. It’s no joke families and communities reliant on the forestry sector are struggling as they head into Christmas, and it’s no joke that John Horgan and the NDP have done nothing to address affordable housing, especially for renters,” said Polak. “John Horgan and the NDP offered no new ideas but were quick to tell renters their $400 annual renter rebate promise was nothing more than election campaign rhetoric used to get their votes,” added Polak.

Polak also raised concerns about NDP party contributions.

“John Horgan’s insiders plastered their logos all over the convention and one NDP MLA bragged about using phonebanks from across the country during the Nanaimo by-election. This raises concerning contribution questions for British Columbians,” added Polak.

With the BC Green Party promising to continue to prop up the BC NDP and with John Horgan more interested in telling jokes than doing work, hard-working British Columbians are stuck paying the price for a government that’s out of money and ideas.

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