BC NDP shut down opportunities for skilled workers across B.C.

NANAIMO (July 26, 2018) – The NDP’s so-called Community Benefit Agreement for the Pattullo Bridge project means most of the province’s trades workers will be shut out of an opportunity to work on it.

“The NDP are forcing these workers to join a union— whether they like it or not— simply to reward their biggest political supporters,” says BC Liberal Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “Once again, the NDP is showing it is not working for all of B.C. This government wants people from the Okanagan, the North and the Island to pay for this project, but won’t give them a chance to work on it.”

That’s because the agreement will prioritize the hiring of people who live within a 100-kilometre radius of the project, instead of the qualifications of workers.

In the past, these types of project labour agreements have also led to increased costs and delays which ultimately hurt the taxpayer.

“This union payoff just shows the NDP do not care about taxpayer dollars,” say Labour Critic John Martin. “They will do whatever it takes to protect their relationship with their union friends, rather than working for the benefit of B.C. taxpayers and our economy.”


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