Caribou public consultation process a sham

VICTORIA (October 29, 2019) – Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier is expressing his complete disappointment in the NDP government’s smoke and mirrors approach to caribou recovery after Premier John Horgan promised a whole new process that was supposed to include everyone—especially local government.

“The Peace River Regional District was looking for a seat at the table as the provincial government worked toward a conservation and recovery plan for caribou, but clearly that is not the case,” said Bernier. “Premier Horgan announced with great fanfare that he would take Blair Lekstrom’s report seriously and that the public, including local governments, would be a part of the solution. Now we know that’s not true.”

On October 24th, the Peace River Regional District wrote directly to John Horgan, asking why the PRRD did not receive an invitation to participate in the proposed Leaders’ Table regarding the Draft Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement for the Conservation of the Central Group of the Southern Mountain Caribou. In the letter, the PRRD says nothing has changed since Community Liaison Blair Lekstrom delivered his extensive recommendations to government that would expand public involvement in the recovery strategy.

“If this is what people in the Peace region can expect from Premier Horgan’s phoney consultation process, then it confirms the NDP government never took this process seriously in the first place.” Bernier added. “Horgan is ignoring the recommendations of his hand-picked advisor and he is turning his back on 35,000 people who signed a petition last spring, assembled by the Concerned Citizens for Caribou Recovery, calling for greater public participation.”

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