Everyone will pay more – a lot more

Jas Johal Photography by John Lehmann

VICTORIA (March 6, 2018) – Family-owned businesses, charities, schools and property owners across British Columbia will all pay more – a lot more – under the BC NDP’s new employer health tax.

“John Horgan said he would eliminate the MSP and instead he has replaced it with a new, unexpected tax that will take more money from everyone in British Columbia,” says Richmond-Queensborough MLA Jas Johal. “Homeowners across the province now face a property tax hike as the NDP is really replacing the MSP with a new tax that will cost everyone more.”

Today, the BC Liberal Caucus provided examples of municipalities across the province that will be forced to raise property taxes to pay the new, higher NDP tax.

Richmond – $2.5 million net increase
Vancouver – $13 million net increase
Surrey – $3.35 million net increase
Kamloops – $700,000 net increase
Coquitlam – $600,000 net increase
“John Horgan said no surprise tax hikes and that promise is in shreds. Family-owned businesses are faced with the prospect of laying people off or raising prices to consumers. School boards are looking at cuts to classrooms and now property owners will face a hit,” says Johal. “The NDP keeps dismissing the concerns of business owners, trustees and mayors. This is not a tax on wealthy business owners. It’s a tax on everyone.”

In the first year, the BC NDP will collect an extra $1 billion dollars by charging both the MSP and employer health tax. Each and every year after that, the NDP tax will cost British Columbians an extra $450 million more than the MSP.

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