Fewer British Columbians are working, thanks to NDP’s damaging taxes

VICTORIA (February 8, 2019) – B.C. workers and their families took another hit under the NDP in January, as the latest job figures from BC Stats show the province lost 13,900 full-time jobs.

That’s despite the fact B.C.’s population grew by 5,200 people. That means the number of unemployed British Columbians increased by 7,300 people.

“Despite having inherited Canada’s strongest economy, the NDP government is slowly chipping away at that success with a slew of taxes that are killing jobs and making B.C.’s less competitive,” says Opposition Jobs Critic Jas Johal. “This is directly impacting the ability of British Columbians to earn a good living to support their families and communities.”

The only reason unemployment did not increase even more is because more British Columbians are now having to work part-time, but these are not the jobs they want. They want full-time, family-supporting opportunities.

In its first year in government, the NDP has announced nineteen new or increased taxes worth more than $5.5 billion— representing $1,100 in new taxes for every man, woman and child in British Columbia.


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