Heyman’s Reckless Comments Costing Taxpayers

Peter Milobar Photography by John Lehmann

KAMLOOPS (March 26, 2018) – Environment Minister George Heyman’s activist behaviour continues to embarrass British Columbia.

“We know George Heyman is an activist and taxpayers are picking up the tab,” says BC Liberal environment critic Peter Milobar. “The NDP’s handling of this file shows them to be fumbling and inept. When the federal Court of Appeal says the province is wrong, the minister refuses to accept that. That’s not the way it works. As a cabinet minister, he has a responsibility to accept the ruling.”

The MLA for Kamloops North Thompson was responding to the federal Court of Appeal rejecting a British Columbia application to appeal and Heyman’s reaction, which indicated the court was wrong in not hearing a case around whether local bylaws apply to federally-approved projects.

“The minister’s indifference to the court ruling and the signal that sends is going to end up costing British Columbians even more,” says Milobar. “While the RCMP are correctly upholding the law, it will be taxpayers that are on the hook for the additional expenses of dealing with Heyman’s friends.

“George Heyman has clearly told activists that the court rulings are not to be respected and that the province supports them. And taxpayers across the province will have to pick up the tab for Heyman’s activist behaviour. The NDP are proving to be ineffective and costly at the same time.”

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