Horgan dodges questions as Wilkinson defends voters at PR debate

BURNABY (November 8, 2018) – BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and NDP Premier John Horgan faced off this evening in a public debate that proved the NDP just can’t explain their reckless referendum on electoral reform.

Wilkinson repeatedly pressed Horgan to provide missing details that British Columbians need to make an informed decision.

“There are 29 details about PR that John Horgan refuses to make public. How many ridings there will be, how many MLAs we’ll have? We don’t know, because he won’t, or can’t, say. He wants you to vote first and he will answer those questions later,” said Wilkinson. “Let’s remember, these are your voting rights. Our democracy belongs to you. It should not be left to political parties to monkey around with something as important as how we vote.”

The Premier failed to explain how Mixed-Member Proportional, the voting system he personally prefers, would benefit British Columbians even though it would increase the power and influence of political parties over voters.

“The NDP want to take away your democratic rights and hand them over to party bosses and political insiders, allowing them to make the most important decisions like who makes it on to party lists,” added Wilkinson. “I’m glad that as a result of this debate, thousands of British Columbians can now see the stacked deck the NDP have cooked up behind closed doors and hopefully that means more people will vote.”

As of Thursday morning, only 2.6% of ballots have been returned to Elections BC, over two weeks since the referendum began.



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