Horgan’s own BC NDP committee members back review of unaffordable taxes

PRINCE GEORGE (August 12, 2019) – BC Liberal Finance Co-Critic MLA Shirley Bond is calling on John Horgan to commit to a bi-partisan committee recommendation to examine the troubling effects his excessive taxes are having on hard-working British Columbians after his own members on the committee supported a review.

Last week the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, made up of BC Liberal and BC NDP MLAs, released a report recommending that the NDP government conduct a comprehensive review of the provincial taxation system to examine just how unaffordable the slew of NDP-borne taxes are for the Province.

“All committee members came to the same conclusion that we have been saying for months, that a number of the 19 new or increased taxes levied by the NDP government since taking office are having disastrous effects on the economy and families of British Columbians,” said the Prince George-Valemount MLA. “Simply put, British Columbians are being overburdened by John Horgan’s taxes with no relief in sight.”

The taxes that were singled out include the BC NDP’s employer health tax, the speculation and vacancy tax and their increase to the now non-revenue neutral carbon tax.

“The need for the review should make it clear to John Horgan that even his own MLAs are concerned about the impacts on affordability. With no plan to grow the economy or create jobs it appears the only revenue generation idea this government has is the pockets of hardworking British Columbians,” added Bond. “The combination of taxes plus a Horgan-increased corporate income tax has made it more unaffordable for families to live in B.C. and less competitive for businesses as well. We are losing our competitive edge to other jurisdictions like Alberta. No one should be surprised, this is a tax and spend government, and the same old NDP approach.”

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