Isaacs introduces legislation to help protect seniors from the flu

VICTORIA (October 17, 2018) – BC Liberal Seniors Critic and MLA for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain Joan Isaacs introduced legislation today to eliminate the cost of high-dose flu shots for seniors who currently pay out of pocket.

“Seniors suffer disproportionality from the flu,” said Isaacs. “Because of this, they often need high-dose vaccinations, which right now they must pay for out of their own pockets. Seniors shouldn’t have to pay for the extra protection they need, which is why I’ve brought the High-Dose Influenza Vaccine for Seniors Act to the legislature today.”

The high-dose influenza vaccine is four times stronger than a standard-dose flu shot. The High-Dose Influenza Vaccine for Seniors Act would ensure that the high-dose influenza vaccine is available to seniors at no cost.

“Providing the high-dose vaccine to seniors for free will diminish the number of emergency visits and often unnecessary hospital stays related to the flu,” said Isaacs. “I look forward to the NDP government calling this bill for debate in the legislature this fall.”

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