Isaacs re-introduces legislation to reduce risk of influenza among seniors

VICTORIA (November 26, 2019) – Coquitlam-Burke Mountain MLA Joan Isaacs is re-introducing legislation today that would provide access to the High-Dose Flu Vaccine for seniors living in long-term care homes and eliminate the cost of high-dose flu shots for seniors who currently pay out of pocket.

“Seniors experience 70 per cent of influenza-related hospitalization cases,” says Isaacs. “If seniors are forced to keep paying such high prices for the extra protection these vaccines offer, we will continue to see alarming rates of influenza-related illnesses and deaths among seniors. This legislation will provide access to the high-dose flu vaccine for seniors living in long-term care homes.”

First introduced by Isaacs in October of 2018, John Horgan and the NDP government never called the bill for debate.

“We have a readily-available solution for seniors across B.C.,” says Isaacs. “John Horgan and the NDP should call this bill for debate immediately as it is an important step to better ensure the health and wellness of our B.C. seniors. This bill will ensure that vulnerable seniors will see less time in our hospitals and more time enjoying happier and healthier lives.”

The high-dose flu shot has four times the antigens of a standard-dose influenza vaccine.

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