John Horgan and the NDP continue to fail British Columbians

VICTORIA (April 11, 2019) – As John Horgan shuts down the B.C. legislature for two weeks, Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals are vowing to continue fighting against the tax increases, union-only rewards and job-cutting actions of the NDP.

“The past few weeks have seen one blunder after another by John Horgan and the NDP,” said Wilkinson. “Whether it’s a failure to provide relief at the pumps, putting hundreds of forestry jobs at risk or refusing to even call a farmer a ‘person’, hard-working British Columbians keep paying the price for this Green-NDP alliance.”

Just some of John Horgan and the NDP’s fumbles include:

Unfair and unaffordable Employer Health Tax: John Horgan’s MSP-replacement tax is hitting small business, municipalities and health authorities with a tax bill they can’t afford and the cost is being downloaded onto British Columbians.

Botched homelessness plan: John Horgan is forcing an unworkable plan onto Maple Ridge that doesn’t include enough mental health and addictions supports and is ignoring the huge rise in crime at a similar location the NDP forced upon Nanaimo.

Punishing non-union care workers: If you’re a John Horgan-approved union friend you get a raise, while non-union care workers are short-changed by four dollars an hour while being expected to provide the same critical work.

Hosed at the pump: Even though John Horgan controls 35 cents per litre of gas, he refuses to provide tax relief – leaving B.C. drivers paying the highest prices in North America.

Putting rural jobs and communities in jeopardy: While rushing an ill-thought-out caribou recovery plan that puts as many as 1,000 forestry jobs at risk, John Horgan tells rural British Columbians he knows what’s best for ‘helping’ their communities.

“John Horgan and the NDP are all about big government and rewarding their union friends and insiders. They keep making rash and incompetent decisions that are hurting British Columbia and putting our children’s future at risk,” said Wilkinson. “The BC Liberals will keep fighting for hard-working British Columbians because they deserve better than to be paying for NDP mistakes.”

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