John Horgan has misled the public, needs to come clean on what he knew and when

VICTORIA (October 7, 2019) – John Horgan needs to be honest with British Columbians about what he and his office knew regarding the active police investigation into criminal wrongdoing by his former minister, Jinny Sims, and if anyone else in his office, or government, is involved.

“John Horgan was more than happy to tell British Columbians there was absolutely no wrong-doing by his minister back in May, yet here we are five months later; a special prosecutor has been appointed and an active RCMP investigation into criminal wrong-doing has begun,” said BC Liberal Opposition House Leader Mary Polak. “Horgan needs to confirm whether anyone else in his office or government is involved and if so, have they been removed from their role?”

In March, allegations against Sims were investigated by John Horgan’s chief of staff, Geoff Meggs, who produced a report that swiftly came to the conclusion the former minister had done nothing wrong. The BC Liberals are now calling on John Horgan to release the Meggs Report in full to the public and reveal who else is under investigation.

“Meggs’ so-called investigation, coupled with the intimidation letter he had drafted by an NDP lawyer that threatened legal action against the whistleblower appears to be nothing short of a coverup,” added Polak. “Enough is enough. The Premier must now answer for his complete failure of leadership and explain why a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the minister after he assured British Columbians she had done nothing wrong.”


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