John Horgan still failing British Columbians two years in

VICTORIA (July 18, 2019) – As John Horgan and the NDP mark two years in office, British Columbians are still stuck battling higher taxes and a stalling economy – all from a government that promised, and has failed, to make life more affordable.

“In two years, John Horgan and the NDP have managed to fall behind on nearly all their key promises such as the $400 renters’ rebate, $10-a-day childcare, and ridesharing,” says Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “John Horgan has also managed to bring in 19 new or increased taxes, a record pace for even an NDP government and a far cry from his promise of making life more affordable.”

Some of John Horgan and the NDP’s failures at a glance:

19 new and increased taxes: In just two years, John Horgan has hit British Columbians with a slew of new taxes, ranging from a half-baked speculation tax to higher gas taxes to a new employer health tax that is killing small businesses.

No plan for sustaining the economy or creating jobs: In the last month alone, British Columbia lost nearly 4,000 full-time jobs – meaning nearly 4,000 families are having a harder time putting food on the table.

Forestry sector in crisis: Over the past few months, B.C. has seen six permanent or indefinite mill closures, more than 100 weeks of operational downtime announced, and shift curtailments for workers who haven’t lost their jobs outright. John Horgan’s response? To do nothing.

Trampling individual rights: John Horgan is rewarding his union pals in the construction and social services sectors with preferential contracts and wage increases – and their non-union counterparts get nothing. And according to John Horgan, farmers can’t make decisions about their own land – only government can do that.
Costly and discriminatory union benefit agreements: Not only are John Horgan’s union-only construction agreements unfair, but they are driving up costs for taxpayers throughout the province. The first project being built under this NDP framework is already almost 50 per cent over budget.

More pain at the pump: While John Horgan controls 35 cents per litre of gasoline, he refuses to provide any relief for strapped British Columbians. Instead, John Horgan has focused on launching sham lawsuits against the federally approved Trans Mountain project – a project that would boost B.C.’s pipeline capacity.

All talk, no action on Massey Tunnel: Rather than taking action to resolve the Massey Tunnel gridlock, John Horgan continues to dither and delay – abandoning 80,000 drivers to battle B.C.’s worst traffic bottleneck every day.

More Surrey students in portables: John Horgan promised to eliminate Surrey school portables within four years, with half of them gone within two. But two years in, the portable count only continues to grow.

Ignoring Maple Ridge residents: John Horgan forced inadequate modular housing facilities on Maple Ridge then turned his back – dismissing local leaders and residents when they raised concerns.

“To say John Horgan’s two years in office have been disappointing would be an understatement,” says Wilkinson. “While the Premier has been focused on taxing hard-working British Columbians for all they’re worth, he’s put no thought into growing the economy or creating jobs.”

British Columbians can’t afford John Horgan and the NDP. The BC Liberal Caucus will keep fighting every day for British Columbians who deserve better from their government.

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