John Horgan’s broken promise sees even more school portables coming to Surrey

SURREY (August 14, 2019) – With Surrey’s portable count set to grow once more this fall, BC Liberal MLAs are yet again calling on John Horgan to listen to the needs of Surrey families and prioritize funding for new student spaces. The Surrey school district has announced it will add dozens of portables for the upcoming school year, bringing the number of temporary classrooms in the community to 361.

“This is an incredibly frustrating situation for parents, students, and teachers alike,” says Stephanie Cadieux, MLA for Surrey South. “Portables are looking more and more like a permanent feature in Surrey. For all his talk, John Horgan is failing to deliver. He promised half the portables would be gone in two years. But more than two years into governing and no NDP-funded seats will be open this fall.”

During the 2017 election, John Horgan and the NDP campaigned heavily in Surrey – promising to eliminate school portables within four years, with half of them gone within two. But after two years under John Horgan’s watch, the number of Surrey portables has grown significantly each year.

“Two years into John Horgan’s government and Surrey has seen school projects delayed and new portables brought in – all while the community continues to grow at a tremendous pace,” says Dan Davies, BC Liberal Education Critic. “John Horgan didn’t hesitate to make promises to Surrey families in order to get elected – but when it comes to actually following through, the Premier is nowhere to be seen. Surrey families deserve better and we won’t let John Horgan off the hook for his broken promises.”

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