John Horgan’s gas price review ends with no promised relief

VICTORIA (November 12, 2019) – BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson is calling out John Horgan and the NDP for failing to follow through on promised relief after the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) released their final report on gas prices.

“Today we have another example of John Horgan doing nothing at all to help consumers,” said Wilkinson. “He promised relief for drivers in British Columbia six months ago, but we still have the highest gas prices and gas taxes in North America. John Horgan said he had a ‘range of options’ to deal with gas prices but all we get is excuses.”

Horgan’s own expert panel said the higher costs are “unexplained” – because he rigged the review by telling BCUC that NDP taxes and policies were off-limits from the investigation.

“British Columbians deserve a government that takes this issue seriously, especially as people across the province face an affordability crisis where gas price relief could make a big difference in helping make ends meet,” concluded Wilkinson. “John Horgan has done nothing about the transit strike, nothing about a school strike now in its third week, and now he is going to do nothing about sky-high gas prices. He really is “Do Nothing John”.

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