Leave it to the NDP to find a way to pay more for less housing

OKANAGAN FALLS (October 4, 2019) – MLA Todd Stone, the BC Liberal Housing Critic, says John Hogan and the NDP’s unaffordable housing plan is a total mess after learning they are paying more for fewer units in Okanagan Falls.
“Not only do John Horgan and the NDP have the audacity to re-announce a BC Liberal project that was over two years old and try and fool British Columbians into thinking it’s new, but they are also so incompetent that the project will actually cost taxpayers $1.2 million more for nine fewer housing units,” said Stone.

John Horgan and NDP Housing Minister Selina Robinson continue their fake news claim that they’ve created over 22,000 new affordable housing units when the ‘real’ news is that their actual number is a shocking 19,600 less than advertised.
“It’s beyond the pale what John Horgan and the NDP will say to pretend they are making life more affordable,” added Stone. “British Columbians deserve actions that effectively combat the affordability crisis, not fake news stories that make John Horgan’s friends and insiders feel good.”

The original B.C. Liberal project in Okanagan Falls provided for 35 units for $4.7 million. Under the NDP, this same project will now feature only 26 units for a total of $5.9 million.

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