MLA Cadieux introduces Equal Pay Reporting Act

VICTORIA (March 6, 2019) – Surrey South MLA Stephanie Cadieux introduced the Equal Pay Reporting Act in the legislature today.

“Pay inequality is an issue often talked about and infrequently acted on,” says Cadieux. “Unfortunately, these issues affect 50 per cent of the workforce who are not compensated in line with their male counterparts. This bill is designed to bring light to this issue and provide an opportunity for businesses to address inequality head-on.”

If passed, the Equal Pay Reporting Act would require businesses that employ 50 or more people to provide an annual breakdown of the mean and medium regular pay and bonuses provided to all male and female employees. By publicly declaring this information, companies would be encouraged to improve pay equity and correct this undeniably unfair practice.

“Being surrounded by so many talented and hard-working women in all aspects of my life is a true blessing, but knowing that we all face an uphill battle for equality is what drove me to introduce this bill,” says Cadieux. “It’s time for us all to make a difference, for business owners to step up and for British Columbia to champion lasting change.”

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