MLA Shirley Bond in Victoria May 17, 2018. Photography by John Lehmann

BC Liberal Finance critic Shirley Bond issued the following statement on British Columbia’s Public Accounts:

“Today’s release of Public Accounts confirms that British Columbia – thanks to the hard work of people from all corners of the province- is the economic leader in Canada, providing government with the resources it needs to provide important services and programs.

“The Horgan government has so far only said how it intends to spend the surplus from this year, given the recent numerous spending announcements which lack details on the financial impact.

“The unanswered question is whether the NDP have a plan on how to keep B.C.’s economy growing to ensure investments can continue to be made. This should not be a one-time spending spree that government can never afford again. We need to see a plan to sustain revenues.

“British Columbia has previously experienced the impact of an NDP government that only knows how to spend and it took a lot of effort to reverse that trend. The core principles that led to our province’s current positive financial situation were the commitments to balanced budgets, getting to yes on sustainable resource development and an unwavering focus on job creation.

“With no fiscal plan revealed so far, the NDP has sent a message to investors that B.C. is not a place to do business and that is cause for concern.

“British Columbians have worked hard and deserve to share in the economic success. But they have also worked too hard to watch the NDP spend an almost 3 billion dollar surplus with no explanation for how they will sustain or grow the economy for future years.

“We intend to hold the government to account for the approach they take to taxation and spending to ensure British Columbia continues our economic leadership role in Canada.

“We made a commitment to grow the economy, create jobs and lead the country and today’s Public Accounts show that by working with all British Columbians we accomplished those goals.”

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