NDP admits new child care spaces are opening at sluggish pace

VICTORIA (March 6, 2020) – Opposition Critic for Children and Family Development Laurie Throness has learned the true timeframe of the 24,000 child care spaces over three years announced by the NDP in 2018 — and it’s not good news for families. While only 2,400 are operational today, Minister of State for Child Care Katrina Chen admitted during Budget estimates this week that it will be almost seven years before the remaining 21,600 spaces are all fully operational.

“John Horgan and the NDP have misled the public into thinking that his plan is working, but they a falling drastically behind on their timeframe to get these spaces operational,” said Throness. “When I was finally able to question the minister in Budget estimates, she admitted the NDP are opening new child care spaces at a rate of only 250 per month — it will take another seven years to actually have all announced spaces operational.”

Back in 2018, the NDP promised to provide 24,000 childcare spaces over three years. Two years into that plan, only a tenth of these promised spaces are operational today. In addition, funding for $10-a-day child care — a foundational piece of the NDP’s 2017 election platform — was nowhere to be found in the 2020 Budget, the third year in a row that the NDP have broken their promise to British Columbians.

“John Horgan and this Ministry’s operations have been shrouded in exaggerated claims and skewed numbers ever since the NDP took office,” concluded Throness. “Childcare progress is not something a government can ball-park, it is a huge factor in the everyday lives of parents and families. John Horgan needs to come clean to the public and explain why his government continues to mislead the public.”

Children and families deserve better.

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