NDP blames B.C. drivers instead of fixing a broken system

VICTORIA (August 9, 2018) – BC Official Opposition Leader Andrew Wilkinson is disappointed to learn the NDP government won’t be doing much of anything to fix the major problems facing ICBC.

“All the Attorney General has done today is lay blame at the foot of B.C. drivers, instead of overhauling the broken system that is ICBC,” says Wilkinson. “It’s time for a complete re-work of the auto insurance framework in B.C., and the NDP is not delivering.”

Wilkinson says the significant problems facing ICBC can only be addressed through a total overhaul of the system.

“When we look across North America we see that most other jurisdictions operate without a government-run insurance system, but do operate under very similar driving laws as British Columbia. Strangely, those motorists are not facing a system that unfairly labels most of them as ‘bad drivers’ and forces them to pay very high insurance rates.”

Wilkinson says government should take a look at what’s working in those other jurisdictions and implement those best practices to help lower insurance rates and provide better, fairer services to British Columbians.


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