VICTORIA – The NDP made an explicit promise to freeze hydro rates, announced it was happening before getting approval from the BCUC and now John Horgan is pouring cold water on the whole idea.

“People want straight answers and they expect the BC NDP will actually keep the promises they make,” says BC Hydro critic Tracy Redies. “Instead, the premier has thrown another promise out the window, something we’ve seen time and time again from the NDP. The BCUC is currently examining the freeze asked for by the NDP but the premier is now saying ‘don’t bother’. This is a government that doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do.”

Horgan seems to be drifting towards a plan started under the BC Liberals to help low-income consumers – the BCUC Customer Emergency Fund Pilot Program – appearing to continue the trend of borrowing BC Liberal ideas and taking credit for them.

“We know that no British Columbian should be left in the cold because of high hydro bills,” says Redies. “But by making extravagant promises to fix affordability without understanding long-term implications is the very definition of incompetence and helps no one. We’ve seen this with tolls, renters’ rebates and now we’re seeing this again with rate freezes.”

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