Horgan once again using taxpayer dollars to prop up alliance

VICTORIA (August 2, 2017) – The NDP’s decision to send Site C to BCUC for yet another taxpayer-funded review raises serious questions about the motive of this move.

“Is this fake review being done in the best interest of the British Columbia taxpayer or is this simply another way of appeasing Andrew Weaver to prop up their partisan alliance?” asks Mike Bernier, the BC Liberal MLA for Peace River South. “It is clear this review is designed to meet the NDP’s political needs and not the province’s electricity needs.”

Site C is one of the most reviewed projects in the history of B.C. For the last 30 years, independent studies have shown that Site C is a viable energy source for the future and another review will not change those findings.

Energy Minister Mungall confirmed this is not only a rush job – the BCUC only has six weeks to deliver a preliminary report – but the BCUC is being limited in the scope of the review in order to give the government wiggle room.

“The NDP is spreading fear to the nearly 2,600 people currently working at Site C,” says Dan Davies, the BC Liberal MLA for Peace River North. “The NDP are threatening jobs, threatening clean, locally produced energy for the next hundred years and it’s wrong. This project has been reviewed, we need the power and playing politics with it is wrong.”

Site C is being built to meet the long-term energy and capacity needs of British Columbians. demand is expected to increase by almost 40 per cent over the next 20 years, as B.C.’s population grows by over a million people.

“Without Site C, B.C could face an eight per cent capacity deficit and a two per cent energy deficit within 10 years,” said Opposition Leader Rich Coleman. “I know the NDP don’t have a jobs plan, but we still need to plan for future growth. The NDP are putting all this at risk to maintain their alliance.”

The BC Liberals remain committed to protecting the nearly 2,600 workers currently employed on Site C, 80% of which are hardworking British Columbians from across the province.

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