NDP marks one year in office with massive private sector job loss

VICTORIA (July 18, 2018) – As the NDP marked its first full year in office, B.C. experienced a steep drop in private sector jobs as the government prioritizes growing the size of government over growing the size of our economy.

Recent figures by Statistics Canada show B.C. has lost 43,500 private sector jobs over the past year, and gained 19,400 public sector jobs. Steady job growth stalled in June 2017 as the government transitioned from the BC Liberals to the NDP, and has since fallen off.

“The NDP has taken an openly hostile approach to job creators, and now we begin to see the inevitable result– job losses,” says BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “Hard-working British Columbians and their families are just trying to get ahead. Affordability continues to be a major issue for many British Columbians and housing, transportation, or simply putting dinner on the table becomes considerably harder without a stable job.”

Where most neighbouring jurisdictions have seen flat or strong private sector job growth over the past year, B.C.’s downward trend has BC Liberal MLAs deeply troubled.

“Growth in public sector jobs is problematic when it represents all job growth,” says BC Liberal Finance Co-Critic Tracy Redies. “While some growth may be warranted, if only public sector jobs are created, taxpayers have to fund the majority of those costs. Private sector jobs on the other hand help grow the economy, are paid for by private employers and provide net new tax revenues to governments.  If this trend of significant private sector job loss and massive creation of public sector jobs continues, it will be very difficult for the NDP government to avoid deficits.”

“Instead of supporting private sector job creation, the NDP government is overloading British Columbian businesses with a pile of new or increased taxes including: raising the corporate, gas, and carbon taxes and introducing the MSP replacement payroll taxes,” says BC Liberal Finance Critic Shirley Bond. “The NDP have also introduced a series of increased property taxes which are not only discouraging investment in real estate but increasing the costs of housing to new homeowners. More damaging is the fact the government still doesn’t have a concrete jobs plan or any plan to grow the economy or support the private sector.”

Meantime, far from making life easier for British Columbians, under the NDP childcare spaces are closing, gas prices are rising, and the cost of housing continues to increase as additional property taxation is passed on by developers to new homeowners.

“This is the typical NDP approach. They take an ideological stance against business and either don’t care or don’t understand when that leads British Columbians straight to the unemployment line,” adds BC Liberal Jobs Critic Greg Kyllo. “Meantime they inflate the size of government, but have less and less revenue to afford it. This is no way to help British Columbians succeed. There’s a better way to run government that won’t put people out of work.”

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