NDP mishandling of ride-hailing dashes holiday hopes

VICTORIA (October 31, 2019) – The BC Liberals are demanding answers as newly-leaked documents from the Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) make it clear that under John Horgan’s NDP, ride-hailing will once again not be in British Columbia for the holiday season as promised.

“The latest delay tactic by the NDP means British Columbians expecting ride hailing by this holiday season are going to be disappointed and left waiting in the cold rather than getting home safe,” said Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Peter Milobar. “John Horgan promised British Columbians real ride hailing, not more excuses and empty promises.”

Last month, the Vancouver Taxi Association filed a judicial review opposing a PTB decision to not limit vehicle caps on ride-hailing fleets. In its response to this concern, the PTB has sent a letter to ridesharing applicants outlining modifications to the application process that will result in further delays for ride-hailing companies wanting to operate in B.C.

“Issues like this are why we advocated for a level playing field for ride-hailing from the beginning. This mess is entirely thanks to the NDP, who have had ample time and input to get it right,” stated Milobar. “As ride-hailing delays grow, John Horgan’s promises get emptier and more British Columbians are left in the cold waiting for a ride.”

Below: Passenger Transportation Board letter to TNS applicants


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