Jas Johal Photography by John Lehmann

BC Liberals call on NDP government to respect taxpayers, freeze the staff budget at existing levels

VICTORIA (July 18, 2017) – The BC Liberal Caucus is calling on the incoming NDP government to respect BC taxpayers by freezing the staff budget at existing levels for their new staff hires and political appointments.

“Last month, John Horgan’s NDP chose to defeat a Throne Speech that made historic investments in public services for British Columbians just so that they could seize power,” said Jas Johal, BC Liberal MLA for Richmond-Queensborough. “British Columbians deserve better than the NDP now using their inherited surplus to give taxpayer-funded pay hikes to their friends and political insiders.”

As of last month, under the BC Liberal plan, British Columbia ended the fiscal year with a surplus of $2.8 billion, exceeding expectations. BC Liberals believe that surplus should be used as intended for public services, not pay hikes for NDP friends and insiders.

The NDP is already wasting and misusing taxpayer dollars: just last week, they announced that they’d use taxpayer dollars to create a partisan office for the sole purpose of trying to maintain Green Party support for their unstable alliance.

Does BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver agree with the NDP using taxpayer dollars to pay off NDP friends and insiders? Now that he’s in power, will NDP leader John Horgan respect taxpayers and freeze the staff budget at existing levels? British Columbia’s taxpayers are about to find out.

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