Photography by John Lehmann

DELTA – BC Liberal MLAs on both sides of the Massey Tunnel are concerned that the NDP government’s cancelling of the current replacement bridge is putting the safety of commuters at risk in order to further their political agenda.

“This is an unacceptable delay for those who travel through the tunnel every day,” says Delta South MLA Ian Paton. “This is a project that needs to be built in order to protect those who could be caught in the tunnel during an earthquake, as well as relieve pressure on the worst bottleneck in the province. This will cost taxpayers millions right now and likely billions when the NDP realize a new crossing – a bridge – is needed.”

The replacement bridge would save rush-hour commuters up to 30 minutes for the 80,000 people a day who use the tunnel. Benefits would be felt across the province by improving the safe, efficient movements of people and goods along a route which moves $25B worth of goods per year.

“Building a bridge is the most safe and cost efficient way to get people across the river,” said Richmond-Queensborough MLA Jas Johal. “This project has undergone five years of planning and consultation and the NDP don’t even have anyone appointed to lead this review, let alone an actual plan to replace the tunnel. This to me looks like certain projects and issues are not a priority for this government unless it serves their political aspirations.”

By saying no to this project, the NDP are also saying no to 9,000 construction jobs and 4,500 to 5,000 additional permanent jobs created by 2045.

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