NDP re-gifts BC Liberal climate change plan in time for Christmas

VANCOUVER (December 5, 2018) – BC Liberal Environment Critic Peter Milobar released the following statement in response to the NDP government’s climate change plan:

“The NDP’s climate change plan continues to take British Columbia down a path first started by the BC Liberals.

“On the surface it appears to be an update to our 2015 plan but with no specifics. The devil’s in the details and they won’t show us the details until next year’s budget. It makes you question why it took the NDP and Greens a year to come up with a plan that is so similar to the one we originally designed.

“Given that this plan continues to strive to meet our original dates and targets, the initiatives announced today are largely to be expected, and in the context of a climate change plan, would be considered the more straightforward elements.

“The challenge for the government will be to address the missing 25 per cent of targeted emissions. For that, there is a profound lack of detail, and looks like yet another stalling tactic by the NDP.

“Additionally, we are concerned that this plan confirms that there should never have been a delay on whether to proceed on Site C. The NDP’s waffling and bumbling on that project cost British Columbians a billion dollars. This billion dollars would have more than covered the cost of electric vehicle transition or retrofits for public buildings.

“This plan also does not include any room for future LNG industry growth in B.C. – even phase two of LNG Canada is not accounted for. We will continue to raise concerns about the NDP’s refusal to table their tax incentive structure with LNG Canada that is being negotiated behind closed doors.

“We see yet again that Premier Horgan doesn’t want to tell British Columbians the costs of the backroom deals he is cutting to keep the confidence of Andrew Weaver and the Greens. This plan gives no indication as to the tax burden on everyday British Columbians, and what they can expect for housing cost increases due to building code changes.

“The NDP has delayed action on ridesharing. They’ve delayed action on the Massey Tunnel replacement, and they’ve delayed movement on their poverty reduction plan – all projects critical to our environment and economy. This is a government that takes forever just to do nothing. We remain concerned that this plan is yet another example of that troubling trend.”



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