NDP transcript failure and cover-up slammed by government watchdog

VICTORIA (August 20, 2020) – MLA Dan Davies, BC Liberal Education Critic, is calling for John Horgan and the NDP to adopt a transparency recommendation from a government watchdog report released today that shows the NDP government knowingly misled the public after more than 18,000 final Grade 12 provincial exam marks were incorrectly tabulated and reported.

“This report is an absolute bombshell as it shows the NDP government knowingly misled the public and jeopardized countless students’ academic futures,” said Davies, himself a former teacher. “Deliberately misleading information, published by the government, which claimed they were reviewing botched exams when they weren’t, gave students and parents a false sense of security and may have prevented students from getting their transcripts corrected. Due to lack of action from the Minister of Education, along with the NDP’s bungled attempt at a cover-up, B.C. students who should have gotten into universities failed to do so. This is deeply concerning on so many levels.”

The official watchdog report recommends that “By October 1, 2020, the ministry implement a communications protocol with its Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE) advisors that requires a senior ministry official to certify in writing that all statements in any news release, social media posting, website posting or other communication with the public are accurate and not misleading.”

“This is yet another example of more chaos from John Horgan and the NDP who once again, are not being open with parents and students,” added Davies. “It’s incredibly disturbing when an official government watchdog, the Office of the British Columbia Ombudsperson, has to formally ask that the NDP take steps to not mislead the public via government communications in the future. Parents and students deserve so much better than they’re getting from this government.”

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