NDP union payoff means fewer services for British Columbians

VANCOUVER (July 30, 2018) – British Columbians are on the hook for massive project-cost increases thanks to the BC NDP’s payoff to their union allies. The NDP’s new Community Benefits Agreement funnels taxpayer dollars to the unions that have financed their election campaigns over the last decade.

This arrangement will add over $100 million to the Pattullo Bridge replacement project alone.

“The money that the NDP is spending under the so-called Community Benefits Agreement could create over 700 new rental homes in the Lower Mainland,” said Joan Isaacs, MLA for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. “We know that the Lower Mainland is facing a significant shortage of rental housing. But instead of improving life for British Columbian families, the NDP is choosing to pay off their political backers.”

As infrastructure project costs increase, there will be less money available for the services that British Columbians rely on.

“The NDP is adding $100 million to the cost of one infrastructure project. That’s money that could have been used to add 2,500 new student seats in Surrey,” said Stephanie Cadieux, MLA for Surrey South. “The NDP is choosing to pay off their friends and donors rather than keep their promise to eliminate portables in Surrey schools.”


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