NDP wasting time and money on another study

VICTORIA (January 10, 2019) – The NDP should immediately consign the ‘multi-modal transportation plan’ to the dustbin and instead support South Island Prosperity’s transportation plan.

“This is so typical of the NDP— delay and study and avoid making any decisions. We saw it with ridesharing, we see it with the Massey Tunnel replacement and now we see it on the south island,” says BC Liberal MLA Michelle Stilwell. “The work has already been done. The Smart City plan put together by the South Island Prosperity Project addresses all the issues the province wants to study. This plan is so far ahead of what the NDP is doing, the smart thing is simply to get on board and not try and reinvent the wheel.”

Stilwell notes the South Island Prosperity Project is supported by all 13 municipalities in the Capital Regional District, local First Nations and the business community. In fact, the Smart City plan is a finalist in a competition conducted by the federal government.

“It’s a bit surprising the NDP wants to go over the same ground that has already been covered, considering communities represented by John Horgan, Carole James, Lana Popham and Rob Fleming are already on board,” says Stilwell. “The answer to improving transportation on the South Island is not paying consultants to do work that’s already been done. The answer is for the NDP to get on board and work with the South Island Prosperity Project.”

For Minister Claire Trevena, here is the South Island Prosperity Project plan.

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