NDP’s affordability promises a continued failure

VICTORIA (May 30, 2019) – After a spring full of continued broken promises, rushed consultations and excuses, it’s clear that John Horgan and the NDP don’t have a plan for British Columbia.

“British Columbians will spend the summer paying the highest gas prices in North America, non-unionized social services workers will face outright discrimination and every week 80,000 vehicles are stuck in gridlock in the Massey Tunnel,” said BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson. “If John Horgan thinks he can avoid answering for these failures over the summer, he is sadly mistaken.”

Instead of taking action on a number of files, the NDP has chosen to spend tax dollars on reports, studies that stall progress and sham lawsuits against the federally approved pipeline expansion. Rather than meaningful consultation with British Columbians on a number of issues, John Horgan has pushed through legislation that tramples people’s rights. Farmers can no longer control their own land. The concerns from the local government and residents of Maple Ridge about affordable housing locations in their community are being ignored. The BC Liberals have tabled two petitions with nearly 30,000 signatures from British Columbians angry the NDP didn’t bother to consult them on a plan for caribou recovery in their own backyards.

“Whether you’re a frustrated parent in Surrey with children attending school in portables, a renter looking for increased supply that isn’t being built or a discouraged city dweller still waiting for ridesharing, people across B.C. deserve action, not John Horgan’s excuses,” added Wilkinson.

“John Horgan will have been premier for over two years this summer and doesn’t have much to show for it. In that time we’ve seen no action on many of the big election promises he made to British Columbians,” concluded Wilkinson. “If Premier Horgan thinks the people of B.C. will just forget what he promised and keep forking over more of their hard-earned tax dollars, then he’ll have to think again.”

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