New report makes it clear: NDP must be upfront about its ICBC agenda

MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena Andrew Wilkinson. Photography by John Lehmann

VICTORIA (July 22, 2017) – A new review commissioned by ICBC includes recommendations to bring back photo radar and investigate a no-fault insurance scheme. Both of these are failed ideas that the NDP has tried to force on British Columbians in the past.

In addition, John Horgan’s NDP government has deliberately chosen not to release written instructions for his new ministers, keeping British Columbians in the dark about his NDP government’s agenda for auto-insurance.

Joy MacPhail – Horgan’s new handpicked ICBC board chair – was a key member of the failed NDP government in the 1990s that tried to force no-fault insurance on BC and introduced photo radar.

“The NDP government needs to be upfront with British Columbians: are they planning to adopt a no-fault insurance scheme and are they planning to bring back photo radar – yes or no?” said Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberal MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena.

“Families in British Columbia deserve answers, not a secretive NDP government that refuses to tell the public what instructions have been given to their ministers on financial matters that affect every BC family.”

ICBC insurance rates have been under pressure in recent years as the result of higher vehicle repair costs and rising injury claim costs. The BC Liberal government ordered a comprehensive review and took key actions in recent years, including cracking down on fraud, doubling premiums for high-value luxury vehicles, and tough penalties for distracted drivers.

Photo radar was implemented in BC in 1996 by the NDP and scrapped by the BC Liberals after it turned into a lucrative revenue generation tool that only undermined public confidence in law enforcement.

The NDP tried to implement no-fault insurance under failed leader Glen Clark, but abandoned the idea after widespread public criticism. The NDP need to be honest with British Columbians about their plan on no-fault insurance and photo radar.


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