New year means new taxes for Langley families

LANGLEY (January 10, 2019) – Langley MLAs Rich Coleman and Mary Polak are cautioning the BC NDP about the burden their slew of new and increased taxes will place on local families in the year ahead.

“In 2019, Langley families are facing higher gas taxes, a misnamed speculation tax, and a new MSP-replacement tax,” says Langley East MLA Rich Coleman. “Thanks to the NDP’s higher carbon tax, not only will families pay more at the pump, but they’ll pay more for groceries and other goods transported by truck as well. Despite hiking taxes, the NDP government hasn’t followed through on many of their affordability promises – like a $400 renters’ rebate, or 114,000 new housing units. This begs the question of whether the NDP is going to have to raise taxes even further to pay for these promised programs.”

Since taking office in 2017, the NDP has introduced or increased 19 taxes. Among these new taxes is the Employer Health Tax, which the government brought in to replace MSP premiums. Against the advice of its own MSP task force, this new tax is taking effect before the MSP is phased out – meaning this year, many organizations will pay both.

“We know the City of Langley is facing an extra $236,000 tax bill this year, and that money will have to be made up somehow – whether through higher property taxes or reduced services,” says Langley MLA Mary Polak. “That’s not to mention the hardship this tax will pose for businesses and workers in our community. Local businesses, family farms, homeowners – all will feel the effects of this new tax.”


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