No tax relief, no gridlock solution for Deltans in NDP’s latest budget

DELTA (February 21, 2019) – Delta South MLA Ian Paton says the NDP government’s latest budget shows it’s not listening to the concerns raised by Deltans.

“Residents and business owners are rightfully concerned about the huge pile of new or increased taxes this government is imposing— and this Budget shows my hard-working constituents won’t be getting a break anytime soon,” says Paton. “Instead, the NDP will plow ahead with a tax-and-spend budget and no economic plan to support it. Their only strategy is to rely on taxpayers to foot the bill.”

Paton notes the budget confirms what Deltans have already come to accept— that the government doesn’t have a plan to replace the Massey Tunnel either. Instead, nearly 100,000 commuters a day will continue to sit in gridlock while the NDP idles on this issue.

Meanwhile, in his capacity as the BC Liberal Co-Critic for Agriculture, Paton notes the budget included a meagre $5 million increase to the ministry’s budget, but no change to the allocation for the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC).

“This raises a concern for me as far as how the ALC will be able to increase enforcement on Agricultural Land Reserve lands,” says Paton. “The Minister’s own bill to amend the ALC is supposed to prevent the dumping of waste and debris on farmland— but with no additional funds for the ALC in this budget, one has to wonder if it will have enough officers to ensure compliance.”

Paton wonders if the increase to the ministry’s budget is to support all of the studies and reports the Minister of Agriculture has requested.

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