MLA Rich Coleman in Victoria May 17, 2018. Photography by John Lehmann

VICTORIA (August 10, 2017) – Rich Coleman, leader of the official opposition issued the following statement on today’s announcement by the NDP government outlining how they plan to oppose the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

“Today’s announcement by the NDP continues to drive the message home to investors that our province is not open for business or investment of any kind and is willing to forfeit an almost $20 billion increase to our GDP .

This project, which was approved by the Trudeau government after lengthy review, would create thousands of jobs across British Columbia and the BC NDP has just told those workers they won’t have a job.

British Columbians should be rightly concerned that their government is spending tax dollars to stop a project that will not only boost our local economies but also benefit the rest of our country. They should also be concerned the BC NDP have unilaterally declared the First Nations consultations are incomplete, even though the federal government has said the consultation was appropriate before they approved the project.

The five conditions, which the federal and Alberta governments have approved, protect British Columbia’s environment, respect First Nations and provide a fair share for B.C. But instead of working collaboratively with Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Notley to ensure they are fully implemented, the BC NDP are hiring high-priced help to find ways to introduce more red tape so they can strangle another project.

It’s another example – like opposing LNG and looking for ways to cancel Site C – that illustrates the BC NDP has a no jobs plan agenda.”

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